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Slip /Trip and Falls


Fighting for fair compensation in tough premises liability cases

Falls are a leading cause of accidental injury and death. Yet, many people who suffer slip-and-fall accidents don't know that they have rights including full compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. For many years, the attorneys at Martineau Leonard PLLC have helped individuals who've suffered serious injuries, such as bone fractures, neck and spine trauma, and torn ligaments, and even wrongful death. These are difficult cases due to the evidence required to establish fault and the "tough luck" attitude of many jurors. But we fight, because we know how a serious injury can diminish your quality of life and negatively impact your family. You don't have to concede it was "bad luck." Rather, you can rely on our smart, determined attorneys, who have experience in a wide variety of slip-and-fall accidents, including:


  • Landlord negligence - Accidents on private property where a landlord's failure to maintain the premises caused injury

  • Falls at stores and commercial buildings - Injuries due to a business proprietor's lax attention to safety

  • Parking lot injuries - Where a proprietor's failure to maintain the facility causes an accidental fall

  • Nursing home falls - Where negligent management creates unsafe conditions for residents.


Comparative negligence law can limit your recovery

In order for an accident victim to obtain compensation for a claim, there must be clear proof that someone else was negligent and mostly responsible for the harm. Defense attorneys, most of whom represent large insurance companies, will argue that a plaintiff was negligent, too. The plaintiff wasn't paying attention, didn't heed warning signs, overlooked visible hazards or failed to take commonsense precautions. If a defense attorney can make a jury believe you were careless, he or she can reduce the amount of compensation you recover.


For these tough cases, you need an experienced slip-and-fall attorney who has litigated cases similar to yours. At Martineau Leonard PLLC our attorneys are trial-tested. We know how to present a persuasive case to a jury and we're not intimidated by defense tactics. We're determined to get a fair settlement or jury award.


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