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In a Recreational Vehicle Accident in Minnesota or Wisconsin?

Residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin enjoy spending time outdoors using recreational vehicles. Whether it’s an ATV, snowmobile, dirt bike, or jet ski, they’re a great way to have fun in any season. While these activities and vehicles can be fun, there’s always the chance that an accident can occur. If this happens, you want a trusted attorney on your side who will walk you through the legal process. Let the attorneys at Martineau Leonard help you with your recreational vehicle accident case.


Providing Exceptional Service When It's Most Needed

Whenever there’s an accident, it’s a stressful and overwhelming time. Our experienced recreational vehicle attorneys will help you or your loved one navigate the legal process. Whether you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, or if you can only speak Spanish, our attorneys will meet you where you’re at. We’ll make sure you receive the compensation you need.


If you’ve been in a recreational vehicle accident, contact Martineau Leonard today!


Minnesota Recreational Vehicle Accident Attorneys

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